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About Vubest
Vubest Technology Co., Ltd.
(www.vubest.com.tw), as a professional manufacturer specializing in the exportation of Hi-Tech merchandise from Taiwan, designs and markets high performance computer peripherals under "VUBEST" brand name worldwide.

The company started out as a major manufacturer with leading technology for optical anti-glare screen filter and optical electronics components coating field in its Taiwan-based facility. Prospering sales in display filter products under the brands of ¡§UNUS" & "VUBEST" all over the world has been Vubest¡¦s focus for long.

With a corporate motto of ¡§Innovation and Evolution¡¨, Vubest Technology Co., Ltd. always maintains an ongoing development program in creating innovative products to all of our customers, and has embarked on a strategy to expand existing business lines for more computer-accessory items.

Our Vision
From the very first beginning of foundation, Sep. 26, 2001, Vubest has relied on professional management group and strong R&D team to be recognized by our customers for consistently delivering products of the highest quality and authenticity. Hence, Vubest devotes itself to create superior customer value by offering our clients the truly integrated products, services and solutions.¡¨Creativity¡¨, ¡§Quality", "Professional", "Satisfaction", ¡§Responsibility" & ¡§Team work" are Vubest's core value. These enable Vubest to stay advanced step beyond other competitors, and proud to be your best strategic partner!

Sourcing Policy of Conflict Mineral
Vubest as global citizen, we declare and commit to refuse ¡§Conflict Minerals¡¨ from the fighting region of Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and its adjoining countries, illegal mining and poor working conditions. These minerals are refined into tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), tungsten (W) and gold (Au), respectively, and are used in electronics and other products.
To conduct our operation in a way of social and environmental responsibility, Vubest will commit :
1. To request our suppliers not to use conflict minerals from the fighting region of Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and its adjoining countries
2. Suppliers should trace the origin of metals used such as Au, Ta, Sn and W, fill in investigation form and sign a declaration.
3. To ask our suppliers to make same request to their upstream suppliers.

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