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CD Destroyer is the best way of safe disposal for CD/DVD; it creates circular pattern scratches on CD surface, and thus ensures unreadable for any digital equipments anymore. Don't even mention its exquisite, easily-applicable shape! (Please see below for pictures of CD Destroyer)
1. Safest choice for CD/DVD disposal
2. Eco-friendly disk recycling
3. Just 6 seconds for complete destruction
Content of Product:
1. CD Destroyer
Dimension: 120(L)x60(W)x50(H)mm
Weight: 130gm
2. USB Power Cable(Length:50cm)
3. Portable leather bag

Guide for use:
Connect power cord to USB port. Put CD and keep the printed side on top.
Push CD from top and stuck on the position.

Keep pushing power button and get CD running on cycle. It will be done around 5 ¡V 7 seconds. (More scratches are not necessary.)
Push releasing button and take it out.

Suitable Adapter:
  If you would like to use adapter instead of power from laptop, please use following type:
1. DC5V / 0.5A
2. Plug type: 5.5 / 2.0 mm

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