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This high performance Anti-Reflection (AR) or Anti-Glare (AG) coatings is applied on glass substrates that are especially designed for use in optical and display applications, such as ATM, Industrial PC, POS, tablet PC and LCD monitor.

High performance AR/AG glass with superior thin film coating quality prevents your screen from any abnormal damage caused by out force and reduces screen reflection for getting higher transmittance to provide you clear viewing.

Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating
V Band AR Coating (AR29):
Typical Coating Structure: Double side coating
Transmission: Tave%> 96% (450nm íV 650nm)
Reflection: Rave% < 2% (500nm íV 600nm)
Broad Band AR Coating (MAR29):
Typical Coating Structure: Double side coating
Transmission: Tave%> 98% (450nm íV 650nm)
Reflection: Rave% < 1% (450nm íV 650nm)
Anti-Smudge (AS) Coating
  Anti-smudge coating is very unique technology from Vubest. This coating is able to combine with AR29 or MAR29 and get the coated surface easy cleaning or prevent finger print caused.
Anti-Glare (AG) Coating
  Anti-Glare coating is specially used for the substrate which is installed with outdoor display unit. The coated side with micro rough surface is able to diffuse strong outdoor reflection from sunlight.
Typical Coating Structure:
Combination of Low Reflection Coating
  AR, AS and AG can be applied for various combination. It will be able to improve to a better performance for lower reflection and higher transmission. Coating structure is custom made.
  Typical Coating Structure:
AS+AR+AG / Substrate / None

AG / Substrate / AR

AS+AR+AG / Substrate / AR
AS+AR+AG / Substrate / AG+AR
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