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SD Memory Card Case

SD Card Case is the best way of storage for your memory cards (also suitable for Micro/Mini SD Adapter) in Digital Camera/Game Console/Cell Phone/Other Electronics; it provides:
1. Perfect Protective Device---Underneath hard case, cards maintain intact
2. Highly Efficient Portability---Key-ring shape ensures handy carriage
3. User-Friendly Operating Mechanism---It takes just 3 steps in slide for manual

1. MC-01S: Key-ring style
2. MC-02S: Business-card style
3. Anti-static material
4. Provide solid protection
5. Highly-efficient portability
6. Just 3 steps in usage
7. Also suitable for Mini/Micro SD adapter

Content of Product:
1. SD Memory Card Case
MC-01S 65(L)x38(W)x12(H)mm
MC-02S 90(L)x56(W)x5(H)mm
2. Weight:
MC-01S 8g
MC-02S 12g
3. Capacity: 3-piece SD Card loading / each item


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